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Buy a pint of Eclipse Eggnog, Fall Harvest Cake, or Pumpkin Pie and get another pint free! Act fast while supplies last!

Come check out our new dining area!

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The Moon and Back Frozen Treats Shop!

Our customers have always asked where they can get the great flavors of Italian ice that we have come to be known for. We can finally tell them... in OAK RIDGE!


We are located in The Village strip shops behind the Shell gas station

across from the Oak Ridge McDonalds on Highway 68.

We also are offering a new frozen treat that Oak Ridge area residents have been craving... ICE CREAM! Did we just hear you scream? Probably so, since "we all scream for ice cream!"

We offer an ever-changing menu of delicious, creative ice creams made right in our shop just for you, the ice-cream connoisseur.

We can't wait for you to stop by and tickle your taste buds with our mouth-watering flavors! 

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Welcome to The Moon and Back Frozen Treats!
Check out some of our flavors!

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The Full Story

What Sets Us Apart?

Tasty, and completely unique, To the Moon and Back Frozen Treats serves up delicious, authentic Italian Ice (and NOW homemade ice-cream!) to Oak Ridge/Greensboro-area residents who are sick and tired of the same old options. There are others that try and tempt you with sweet artificial treats, but we think we offer the best choice, an authentic Italian Ice (and custom flavors of ice-cream) that satisfies your finicky taste for true flavor.


The complete experience only happens when you actually show up, so go ahead and follow us online for real-time truck location updates and special shop sales; we might be parked at a location near you soon or you can now come say "Hi!" at our new location in Oak Ridge! Your taste buds will be glad you did!

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